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Rent Stu­dio in Düs­sel­dorf


This stu­dio of­fers an over­all work­ing space of 165m2 and a to­tal of 270m2. Pro­vi­ding you with an ex­qui­si­te, in­di­vi­du­al and per­so­nal lo­ca­ti­on for your pho­to­shoots, cas­tings and vi­deo pro­duc­tions. Due to its quiet lo­ca­ti­on, it's per­fect for a fo­cu­sed work­ing at­mo­s­phe­re. The big en­t­ry gates gi­ve the pos­si­bi­li­ty to load and un­load big amounts of equip­ment ea­sy and ef­fici­ently. Its lo­ca­ti­on is ve­ry cen­tral and in wal­king ran­ge of the main sta­ti­on.